ALI transforms how teens see their world and their possibilities by first transforming how they see themselves.

ALI helps Black teens explore and answer critical questions that support a healthy sense of self.


It's been proven that programs like ALI, which instill cultural pride, have improved life outcomes for Black youth.

Nominate yourself or a student you know to become an ALI Scholar. ALI is for youth of African descent, ages 12-18.


Our virtual program launches in January 2021.

Help us transform the lives of Black youth by donating today.


Your tax deductible contribution will support our ALI Scholars as they explore identity and self-cultivation.

Catalyzing a paradigm shift in teen identity development

The African Link Initiative (ALI) transforms how youth of African descent see and experience their world by first transforming how they see and experience themselves.


Our mission is to cultivate youth who are:

1. Empowered by the knowledge of where they come from

2. Enabled with the skills to thrive where they are now

3. Free to choose where they will grow from here

ALI is a proprietary program developed by Eunoia Global and was founded on the premise: you must know where you come from to understand where you are and know where you're going.

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