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We empower youth across

the globe.


We prepare  students to be global leaders.

Shazel Muhammad
Founder, Eunoia Global + ALI


Shazel Muhammad is the founder and lead consultant at Eunoia Global, a leadership training and coaching firm. She specializes in helping individuals and organizations get from where they are now, to where they want to be. Through Eunoia, she also develops and executes programs that empower youth around the globe. Shazel’s life mission is to connect with the people that God puts on her path, and with them, cultivate the best in humanity by first cultivating the best in ourselves. Shazel believes that self-cultivated individuals nurture stronger families and more resilient communities that collaborate, innovate and resolve conflict. These communities become and shape the excellence that is our humanity.


Shazel’s passion for helping others achieve their fullest potential began as a motivational speaker and professional facilitator as a teenager. She spent over 25 years in corporate-America, spending a decade at Wyndham Worldwide, Inc. building organizational capacity and capability in communication, leadership and influence, personal effectiveness, and team performance.


Shazel’s experience is not limited to adult learning in corporate settings. She works with Pass it Along, Inc. to facilitate three-day workshops for high school freshmen called Discover your Passion and Purpose. The curriculum helps students practice self-awareness, gratitude, and service to explore their life's possibilities. Shazel worked with over 3,000 students in New Jersey through this initiative.


Shazel has also made significant impact through her international non-profit programs. Under her leadership, Eunoia Global partnered with the Global Connections Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to linking domestic and international communities through educational diplomacy, connecting American students with students in Kenya through unique travel experiences. The program fosters global citizenship through self-awareness, reflection, and ethical action in local, national, and international affairs. This unique program equips students with skills and confidence to lead and influence change within their communities. Shazel was recently interviewed at the Kenya Diaspora Alliance Homecoming Convention. She was also featured on BBC News, where she highlighted how to best connect Africans in the Diaspora to contribute to Africa’s development.


Shazel also worked with the Global Peace Foundation, an international peace building organization, to conduct workshops on community resilience and anti-radicalization. Her work focused on empowering communities to build an internal network of trusted resources to help recognize individuals who may need help and support.

Now, Eunoia is piloting the African Link Initiative (ALI), a program for Black teenagers, designed to nurture a healthy and supportive sense of self. ALI seeks to become a catalyst for a paradigm shift in identity that transforms how youth of African descent see their world and their possibilities by first transforming how they see themselves.


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